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Adrian Lea

Operations Director

Big Yellow Self Storage

Lord Mountbatten


Crown Self Storage

Desmond Houllihan


Barons Self Storage

Doug was with the company through a period of rapid expansion, when it grew from our 1st store to our 33rd store; annual sales grew in that time to over £33m.

Doug was instrumental in the development of Crown Self Storage, always giving much needed advice.

His advice and guidance have played a significant part in our success.

Philippe Peyrot


Annexx Self Storage

SST helped us at the launch of our company to set-up the right processes, now we have 13 facilities in France. I would recommend Self Storage Thinking to anyone planning to start a self-storage business.


The Lock-UpSelf Storage (Brisbane), Big Yellow (UK), Annexx Self Storage (France), Blue Space (Spain), Extra Space (Singapore), Fort Knox (Melbourne), City Box (Poland), Your Space (Sao Paulo), Storage Pod (UK), Anchor Self Storage (UK), Crown Self Storage (UK), Baron’s Self Storage (Ireland), O’Brien’s Self Storage (Ireland), Locker Locker (China), Takhzeen Self Storage (Bahrain), U-Store (Dubai), Russia, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, India

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