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What We Do

We have learned that a common vision and shared expectations between Self Storage Thinking and the client is the best guarantee of an efficient and smooth development. Once the client has agreed terms, Self Storage Thinking can get to work preparing, designing and coordinating everything that needs to be done. Weekly meetings and progress reports will be prepared for the clients, along with any consultation requirements.

Having worked in over 15 different countries around the world, the experience gained from that will ensure our clients get the best possible operation they can. It is always a daunting task coming into a new market but be assured this is a business that works globally. 


Understanding the market is key to creating the best self storage site, we have spent many hours assessing local markets and finding the best locations for sites, sometimes in the most unexpected places. We are always at the forefront of design so the model that we will design for you will be one that looks to the future of self storage, with potential areas for hobbyists, small businesses, personal storage and the option for larger spaces we offer the best solution to the room mix there is. We also value customer service and have this at the core to our model so for us it is key to have a space that recognises the customers needs first, making it a safe environment and one that is comfortable for any individual to come into.


It can sometimes always be about time, we make sure that we are very efficient when it comes to our build, looking always to find ways to make it a smooth process. As a full turnkey provider we want every part of the implementation to go well from the first drawing to opening the doors and taking the first client booking.

Practice Areas
  • Concept and feasibility assessment

  • Design and budget development

  • Detailed Designs

  • Implementation

  • Operational Set Up

  • Commercial Operations

  • Funding Strategy

  • Turnkey Solutions

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